Safety Consultation & OSHA Outreach Training

Benefits of OSHA Safety Training

At K2 Safety, we believe that every worker deserves the opportunity to enhance and grow their knowledge of safety in the workplace. Companies who provide their workers OSHA training and safety programs will save cost by operating more efficiently, with higher worker retention and also lowered risk of OSHA citations.

Training employees about OSHA workplace safety requirements is our speciality. A comprehensive OSHA training program results in less injuries and illnesses, increases morale and lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums, along with other benefits.

These two levels were defined as:

Telecommunications Tower Technician 1: An individual who can safely perform tasks on telecommunication sites under direct supervision.

Telecommunications Tower Technician 2: An individual who can safely perform tasks on telecommunication sites and is capable of supervision of TTT-1 technicians and trainees. For additional information on the certification please review the NWSA Candidate Handbook.

NWSA representatives initially defined two levels of telecommunications tower technicians for crew members who perform general construction activities with an emphasis on tower system installation, modification, maintenance, and inspection of support structures used in telecommunications, including personal wireless communications, public safety communications, utility networks, and broadcast.

NWSA Practical Examinations

•  Save Cost on your Bottom Line

• Less Injuries and Illnesses

•  Lower Workers' Compensation

Insurance Premiums

• Increase Company Morale

•  Lower Risk of OSHA Citations

Customized OSHA Programs

We create custom tailored OSHA safety training programs based on your company’s unique needs. A qualified OSHA safety trainer will travel to your site to conduct the training for your convenience, and use ‘real world’ scenarios for the most effective instruction.

OSHA regulation safety training is of the highest importance, and something every company will benefit from. All industries differ, and no two companies are the same, which is why we take the time to meet the specific needs of all organizations we work with in order to provide the best service possible.

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